WOUNDED: a Great War novel

cropped-dsc22911.jpgSnow is ambivalent about being in the war. A part of him believes he’s been tricked; emotionally blackmailed into enlisting. The fact is, as soon as his mates, John and Collin signed up, he had to, too. A lot of the time he’s trying to work out what he’s doing there and what, if anything, he still believes in. He struggles hard to remember a home that isn’t there any more. An intense inner war is going on within himself when he meets Cozette and discovers a new reason to go on living.

One thought on “WOUNDED: a Great War novel

  1. This may be a work of fiction, but it gave me a much greater understanding of the experiences of those who fought in WW1, and also my own father, who fought in WW2.

    There is a lot of “truth” in this “fiction”.

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