The River Nile in a Lid

It’s unclear at this stage whether Dad served at Gallipoli. Everyone in the family believes he did but his military service record housed in the Australian Archives is silent on the issue. It says that he sailed from Sydney on the Orsova  on 14 July 1915 but there is no further entry until March 1916, when he was attached to Garrison HQ at Zeitoun, Egypt. What happened in between? I am currently investigating the matter. This charcoal sketch of the Nile River, dashed off in a lid, which I found in his ‘dug-out’ at Undercliffe, simply deepens the mystery.Lewis12

One thought on “The River Nile in a Lid

  1. Hi Gary, am hoping that you can post a photo of Grandad’s ‘Dug-out’ on this site – my brother and I loved exploring that shed as children, we felt it was a place of both magic and mystery!

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