Vic and Albert on Salisbury Plain


This is the original photograph from which the cover for Wounded: a Great War novel was extracted. It shows my father, Victor John Collin Lewis (b 1895) and his half-brother, my uncle, Albert Edward Worsley ( b 1884), on Salisbury Plain, England, in 1917. Readers of Wounded will note that Snow’s (Victor’s) best friends are named John, Collin and Louis. The reason is not entirely arbitrary. Because I did not know my young father, the thinking was that perhaps a composite of the four friends might give some indication of his true character as an infantryman. The truth is, I have no idea whether it does or it doesn’t; the reader can decide. Certainly, the fact of Victor having a half-brother stirred the imagination and this photograph watched over me throughout the entire preparation of the book, spurring me on when the going was tough and the motivation, flagging.

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