Engulfed by nostalgia

I’m engulfed by a wave of nostalgia. A great distance has opened between my family and me and not just geographical – people who once meant everything, now fading memories. The big guns have seen to that, belted the sentimentality out of me.

Embroidery Lesson


In ‘Wounded: a Great War novel’, Snow and Cozette form a romantic attachment in the summer of 1917 while the Old Bat is resting in the tiny French Flanders village of Sec Bois. So, naturally, when I found this rather amateurish, incomplete embroidered doily in the cedar title box in dad’s shed, my imagination was stirred: ‘She takes cloth and thread, positions an embroidering needle between my fingers, nudges me in the ribs and I set the implement darting back and forth, every stitch vested with a higher meaning under Cozette’s close tutelage, every error an excuse for gales of laughter and ‘inadvertent’ touching.’